Friday, March 23, 2012

Latest Venture- need opinions?!

YUP, you guessed it, I am officially a Scentsy Consultant!! 

If you are anything like I was, I thought "what is Scentsy?". 
Well is is all of these pics below! 


(they come in 3 different sizes, many, many different styles)

Plug in Warmers

Scentsy Bars

(80 different scents)
I found out about Scentsy while doing one of my agency nursing stints! Someone was having a party and I saw the catalogue.........picked it up.......looked at it ..........and immediately thought.........
"I could totally sell this, heck it sells itself, I'm already sold". 
Within 24 hrs I was a consultant and it has been amazing ever since! LOL 
That was 18 days ago!!
Only 18 days and I've never smiled so much in all my life. 
I got my consultant kit, put in my first order, got extra stash for myself so I have lotsa stuff to present at parties! 
I have a friend doing an online party and I have my official launch party this Saturday March 24 at 6 pm! I'm so excited! I already have 2 more guaranteed parties to book at mine!! 
And all the while, I'm making commission! Which I didn't even know about! 
YAHOO! More money for crafty goodies! LOL

This is the general idea behind the warmers........
A lightbulb inside the warmer, heats up the wax, on the top dish of the warmer, once it is plugged in! 
Flameless, Soot Free & the wax never looses it's volume nor heats up enough to burn! 
Having 3 kids, I REALLY liked this idea!! 
And another thing......
A great gift. For yourself. Or a friend! 

Check out my website 
Under the Buy section you will see 2 parties, one is mine and one is my friends. 
Should you want to order online, feel free to do so!?!> 

OR feel free to just browse the catalogue

My question to you was whether or not you would follow me if I made a blog strictly devoted to Scentsy, so you can see the newest products and sale items!??! 

Now I must rush off, i'm at the tail end of a night shift and I need to finish up so I can get home, take a nap and spend the rest of the day cleaning for my party tomorrow! YAY! 

Talk Soon! 


Auntie Em said...

Good Luck with your new venture! (Where do you find the time) lol
While the containers are so pretty I have such bad reactions to candles and most scents that I can't use them. I like the idea though of no flame. Much safer. Have fun with your parties. If anyone can do this, I am sure you can! :)

Tracey Brossart said...

I love, love Scentsy too!! I thought about doing it...but I'm super shy and would be a horrible seller not to mention having the parties! But being a buyer is fun! I have a few friends here in the states who sell it! Love the stuffed animals! I use to do Avon and it kinda fun! Enjoy it Cor and hope you have a great party tonight and sell lots of goodies! :D

xx Tracey xx

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