Sunday, November 18, 2012

MORE SCENTSY- my new passion!

I simply had to share with you the warmer of the month for December! 
OMG it is so cute! 
It is called Comfy Cozy! 
I just love mine! 

This is where all my time has been going. 
Running my Home Based Business with Scentsy! 
It has kept me so busy, I can't believe it! 
Either I'm doing a home party or trade show or organizing orders and getting basket parties ready! 
And to make it even better.......

Who would have thought it could be so easy to make enough spending money to take my family on vacations, could be sooooooooo easy! 

OOOoooo wait gotta show you this! 
Scent of the month: Huckleberry Sage! 

I know alot of people who scope out blogs and blogland are living in the UK, so just to let you know, SCENTSY IS THERE TOO! just look around! Perhaps someone you know is selling it!
IF the answer to that is NO.............
Then if I were you, I'd get on it, cuz this stuff just HAS to be shared!

When I first started selling Scentsy in March 2012, there were 457 consultants in the UK then.....
........In September 2012- there were 798 consultants in the UK! 
And now.......
...........In October 2012- there were 933 consultants! It's catching on!! 

The Popluation of the UK is 56.1 million, give or take
The Population of Canada (where I live) is 38.1 million, and WE have 11,076 consultants! 

The UK needs more consultants!!!!!!  

FASCINATING isnt' it! 
I love how it grows and I love how it literally sells itself! 

Pls feel free to message me if you want to buy some or Join my team!! 
Here's the link to my website so you can look at the goods for yourself! 

Perhaps I shall go get crafty now! 



Teresa said...

I love the Comfy Cozy, Cor, how gorgeous is that. Good luck with your new business you should sell loads it's beautiful.
Teresa x

Shazza said...

sooo cute x

Loz said...

oh that thing is soo cool! congrats and good luck with your scentsy! :)

Loz said...

oh that thing is soo cool! congrats and good luck with your scentsy! :)

Sandra H said...

Oh wow its so good x

Timemimi 當代迷你倉 said...


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