Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 yrs later

I bought a magazine the other day because on the front of it, was a child holding a necklace around her neck with a picture of her father in the locket. I cried. That child never knew her father. The center of the book held a photo of 10 children born after Sept 11, 2001. These 10 children never knew their fathers. Then there was a picture of those 10 children with their widowed mothers. I cried. 
Just as I did on Sept 11, 2001, as I sat in front of the TV at my moms house and watched as the twin towers came tumbling down. So many lives lost. So much tragedy. So many years later. 


I will save today's paper as I did back in 2001, the year my daughter was born. What a memory to have. To this day, in her closet in a filing cabinet, lie the papers from 2001. The stories surrounding 9/11. She took them out the other day and asked me what they were. I tried to explain it, but to no avail. To a 10 yr's just a memory. Like the children who never met their's the stories that will make the memories. 

 We will never forget
(copied from the Oh My Crafts e-mail advertisement) 

For the 2,977 people who perished September 11, 2001 after hijacked planes crashed in New York City, Arlington, Virginia and in Pennsylvania. The victims were mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, co-workers and friends - unsuspecting innocent men and women all who died working & living the American dream.

It's been ten years since that violent day which impacted so many people, in the US as well as in many other countries around the world. Today we pause to remember and join in tribute to those whose lives were taken and to those who have carried on so bravely in their absence. May comfort come to those who continue to mourn and guide the leaders of nations in the quest for justice and liberty.


I had the shittiest, shittiest, shittiest shift at work the other night. 
Busy until the wee hours of the morn......2 am to be exact, when the physician left the facility to rest his weary head, only to hear a page go out over the ambulance dispatch line at 4:15 am.  
"PRIORITY 1. 5 month old. Not breathing. Not responding. CPR has been initiated "
5 months. 
Sometimes I really really hate my job. 
From the time the ambulance was dispatched to their arrival with the patient to our Emergency room it was 2 hrs. Time that would change lives forever.  
I'm sure you can imagine the outcome of this story. 
As I walked into the family room with the physician to tell the family their lives would never be the same.......I cried. Like the children who never knew their father's in  9/11......these parents & siblings would never get to know their loved one. 


As I type this, I cry. 
Please live for today
Love for always!  



Christine said...

Ohhh Cor I could cry with you hun..
you do a worth while job, a job not all would WANT to do, we all have the darkest of days but there is ALWAYS light at the end of that tunnel..I have listened to the radio 2day & seen the TV, the peeps who were watching as the twin towers fell made my hair stand on YES all over the world we think of those loved ones who would never see their family again..
god bless the fallen..

smiles Christine x

Linda said...

I may live in Canada but I can tell you that I also have been watching the tv all morning!!!! When you see all that suffering it makes you so sad and I cried when I saw all those people looking for their loved ones. All those firefighters and police who put their lives on the line!!!!! To this day it is still as devastating as the day it happened!!!!! I don't think any one will ever forget!!!!!

Margreet said...

While reading your story I felt tears coming...then another sad story during your job....terrible...I can understand you hate your job at such a moment....cherish your kids hun!
xxx Margreet

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Lots of crying going on here much loss and so much sadness. Makes me really think of what all I have and I shouldn't take it for granted.

Merry said...

A beautiful post Cor.

Kim Kelley said...

Well you got me crying too! I watched so many specials yesterday and bawled like a baby. You have a good heart to do what you do and God bless you for doing it!

Debs said...

Fabulous post Cor, I feel with you and about your day, it really is such a sad time and you're such a damn good nurse, so hopefully you have some great days coming up

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