Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy Canada Day (on July 1st) to my Canadian Friends (better late then never)!
Happy Independance Day to my American Friends !

Here are a few pictures taken last night at a neighboring town that has a fair set up .
Fireworks were supposed to be held last night too, but postponed til tonight, due to SEVERE thunder storm & tornado watches out!!

This is Merik (4 months old). As you can see he is all set with his bucket of 'mini-donuts' resting by his feet! haha

This is Reade (2.5 yrs) & Hannah (9 yrs). Reade was super excited to be riding the giraffe on the carosel. Hannah was a great big sister taking Reade on the kiddi rides before heading over to the 'scary' rides!

Reade again riding the spaceships!!! Don' t let the look on his face fool you, he REALLY enjoyed all the rides. Had a mini-tantrum when we left at 10 pm after being there for 3 hrs!!!

Hannah & her cousin Colin on one of those rides that goes upside down, sideways and practically flies off the hinges!!! They loved it!!

Hopefully I'll be able to post a card soon with some of my new digis from my latest winnings at challenges!!

Have a great day everyone!


Lori said...

Awww how fun I wish we went, instead we just hermitted inside the house all day!!!!

Margreet said...

great pics Corry....they are obviously your kids!....congrats on your winnings!
xxx Margreet

Dora said...

Hi Corry how beautiful these photos are of your family.. thanks for sharing, seems you had a fab day out and thank you too for your comments on my cards... you're awesome, love reading your comments, you're so fun.. Yes that's the dance that I did .. I couldn't believe myself I was doing that he he :)

Suzi said...

Gorgeous pictures Corry, you have a lovely family, Congrats on all your wins, you deserve them hun.
Suzi x

Janet said...

What a beautiful family! I love your youngest's name--so unique. And the mini donuts--what a tease. Those are my favs! I think I gotta get one of those machines. It'll go in my crafty room, when I get one of those. LOL

Lori said...

Totally FUN!!! I just want to know if Merik left me any donuts...

You are one huge winning machine, girlfriend :) I knew about the 2 new DTs, but you've also won on challenges - yippee!!!

I'll be sure to check in with ya next week to make sure that you haven't gone bonkers!!!!!!

Thanks so much for adding my candy to your sidebar. I sooooo appreciate your love and support ♥

Love and big hugs ~

Debs said...

congrats on winning the challenges girl. You've been putting out some awesome creations, so you deserve it. The kids look great and having fun, we tried to hit two beaches on the same day but the black flies were horrendous (did I spell that right?) anyways glad you all had fun.

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