Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to the Chapel.......

What's this?
It's just the inside of a creation I have just posted at the Steel Magnolia's blog.
Hop on over to take a little look-see, if you want!


The Steel Magnolia's blog is based on the movie "Steel Magnolias" (( a story of 5 friends who are brought together thru unforseen & sometimes even unconventional circumstances)) & our love for Magnolia stamps 
We; being myself (aka- Wheeza), Trisha (aka- Annelle), Lori (aka- M'Lynn), Roberta (aka-Truvy) & Susie (aka-Clairee) ARE the Steel Mags of blogland. 
Brought together thru the power of the computer & the power of Magnolia! 


Pls feel free to check out our alter ego site where all you will see is Magnolia Creations.


Crafterkhush said...

I just love the doily and the image.. fab creation...

Margreet said...

the inside of your gorgeous, so I will hop over to SM to admire the front!
xxx Margreet

Dora said...

Awww you are so cheeky.... he he xxx

Dana said...

Just popping back after checking it out on Steel Mag's and OMG!! It is truly gorgeous! I love how you did his shirt purple. I've only been to one Indian wedding and it was definitely a colorful celebration!!

Aussie Loz said...

okay I'm intrigued... going to check it out now! ♥

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