Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy, Busy Busy

As I've said before, I'm so sorry for not being around lately. I have been busy trying to get my career in order and it just gives me headaches thinking about it! LOL On the upside, as previously mentioned, I am going to start "Agency Nursing" with my first shifts being in December. I'm both nervous & excited. I'll be sticking to small rural hospitals, as that is what I am most familiar with. We'll see how it goes. I'm definitely not committed in any way, shape or form......simply experimenting! 

As for what else I've been up to..............well, those posts/creations/announcements will all come to light within the next few weeks. Today, however, I hope to do something just for fun, if all the kiddos co-operate. Having said that my daughter has had a nasty cough for about a month now....went away a bit, then came back with a vengeance within the past 24 she feels like it is cold in the house, when her room is always the warmest one. Uh Oh, I smell a flu bug! Perhaps crafting will have to wait. 


I took these pictures a few weeks ago guessed it.....checking my mail. I call these pictures.....Send 1, get 1 free! 

Bwahhhaaaa.....I see now that they both look kinda goofy in these pics! 


Candy news: 

Tracey at BrossART Addiction has some great candy up for grabs. You must head over and check it out! 

I am also planning to host a candy draw, closer to the beginning/middle of December......stay tuned for that! 


Kimberly said...

Oh hoping you don't get the flu bug...and the pics are priceless. I'm sure you will be great at what you end up doing in your of luck and can't wait to see what your up too...

Donna Mosley said...

Aww! Cor, what gorgeous pics hun. hope your daughter feels better soon, bless her and hope the agency nursing goes well and most of all, you enjoy it.

Donna x

Dora said...

Awww sweet pics of your kiddos Corry :) .. hope your daughter will be better soon and good luck with your new job .. well done for trying something new .. go for it xxx

coops said...

aw wonderful pics cor.your children are real sweeties and i hope you daughter is feeling better of luck in your new job too :D

xx coops xx

Tracey Brossart said...

Sounds very stressful but exciting at the same time! What is "Agency Nursing" by the way?? I wish you the best of are super woman, so I'm sure you will do great! I'm planning on going to school next Spring or Fall term for nursing depending on when I can work out the babysitting arrangements...trying to prepare myself for the stress...but it will be worth it! By the way, thanks for posting my candy are awesome! :D

xx Tracey xx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Good luck with the new job area although I'm not sure what Agency Nursing is?? I still check in on you from time to time although I don't always comment. I'm crazy busy too and the holidays fast approaching doesn't make anything less stressfull! Take care!

Auntie Em said...

Sounds like an exciting new career change. Best of luck with it!
Love the boys photos. I think there is just something about cameras and little boys that makes them create funny faces as soon as the camera is aimed at them! :D Soo cute!
Thanks for sharing! :)

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