Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exciting NEWS, something funny & unfinished business....

We'll start with the unfinished business............

A while back, I posted about how I was giving my daughters room a makeover.
Now I can't find that post & the 'before' pictures are also gone off my camera---oops probly deleted!!! Anywho, I have the 'after' pics here.

This is a little cubby in one corner of her room, wuz once filled with paper trays, a messy desk, barbies & barbie such things (van, clothes, etc, etc) & the walls were plastered with JONAS brothers posters.

Now it is a comfortable nook for reading, writing or just hanging out in. I put up shelves for the books she chose to keep & bought little baskets for her doo-dads & a moon chair. Yup, walls are pink and will reamain so until she is 18 or until I get the energy to switch it up.

 (Pic below) This is to the left of her doorway. A new 'trendy' clock, a bulliten board and a cool new hamper all fit in nicely with the 'hip & rad' feel of her room.


...remember I posted about  our guppies having babies.............like 20 or so, that I successfully transferred to a little fishtank big enough for them to grow up in until they can withstand the swirly motion of the 'big tanks'  filter system.............................(pic can be seen here)
DH decided he was taking over care of the little fishes and dumped them all into the big tank about 3 weeks ago. Needless to say.......we have two survivors! Poor little things. I didn't talk to hubby for a whole day because of what he did and I told him to keep his hands off from now on!!! RIP sweeties

A FUNNY.........................

You know you better get control of your crafting supplies when your puppy has pearls stuck to her lip.
Kinda looks like a mole.
Very Cindy Crawford, I'd say!
We'll call her Roxy (her name) Crawford.


As for my "Creative Writer" award I recently gave out to those who chose to accept it, I was to tell 6 truths & a lie or something of that nature..............WELL, the lie is that I used to work at Hooters. I NEVER DID. My weight is correct, my fav color is brown and all the rest of it is true, except hooters....I dunno, do I consider this a compliment?!! Bwahhahahaa!!



Miss  Sugar of Die Cut Dreams Challenge blog, Die Cut Dreams Christmas Club Challenge blog & the new Totally Tilda Challenge blog has asked me if I wanted to join the Totally Tilda DT!!!

So keep your eyes peeled for a candy giveaway going up on my blog in the Very Near Future!!

BTW- here's a sneak peak of my DT card for my first challenge [challenge #3] at Totally Tilda !!

Thanks for popping by today! See you soon!


Margreet said...

CONGRATS on your new Tilda position Corry.......you deserve it!
The post on Roxy Crawford made me laugh out loud (which I could not do in fact, because I'm illegally blogging in the office now).....poor fishes..
Your daughter might be proud on her new room!
xxx Margreet

Suzi said...

CONGRATULATIONS Corry, you will be a great asset to Susie and the team. Love the make over. Can't see you getting away with pink until she's 18 lol, poor Roxy Crawford, I know you love decorating and are the queen of embellies but this is going to far. Hehehehe!!! Oh how could he do that to your little guppies! It would have been silence for a week in my house. Once again many congrats hun, your card looks delicious.
Suzi x

Lori said...

Love all the pictures. H was must be so happy with her new room, and I love the sneak peek!

ScrappingStephanie said...

Wonderful job on the makeover. So trendy and hip. Sorry about your guppies...DH's just have to get their hands in things. Congrats on becoming part of a DT! Your card looks beautiful can not wait to see it in it's entirety. Roxy looks cute:)


Kathyk said...

Congrats on your new DT position, sorry to hear about your guppy disaster and your puppy's body jewellery looks adorable!


Kelly said...

Congrats Corry on your DT position, I love Roxy's bling.

craftykitten said...

Hi Cor,
Congrats on joining us on the Totally Tilda Team hun - I am sure you will have a ball. Love Roxy's blingy look - soooo cute.
Dawn x

Vixykins said...

Hehe Roxy looks like Madonna :D Well Done on your new position, you'll be a real assett to Susie x

Vixykins said...

PS I dont do awards as it gives me anxiety choosing only a few people lol!

Debs said...

fabulous news, huge congrats on being the new dt member for Totally Tilda. One talented chick I must say. The makeover is gorgeous.

Carla aka scrappypug said...

wow you are one busy bee! That is too cute with the dog! Mine always find any scrap of paper and chew on it and then hack it up....

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