Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thought I'd share some pictures of my wknd away at my sisters' wedding.
First of all, we'll start with our pedicures (& my daughters manicure). We got the same design yup we did. My foot on the left, my daughters on the right. Almost the same size, I KNOW, CRAZY!!!

This is my daughter all dressed up in her flower girl outfit! When I first saw her at the hotel, she was on the balcony all dressed up looking down at me when she said "hi mom".....I swear to god she looked like Cinderella! She was absolutely stunning & glowing in her outfit! Definitely brought tears to my eyes.  

Me & my baby..............ok, not REALLY baby, but she is still my little girl!

 And here we have a picture of my mom and her 8 grandchildren. Not very often you can get them all together. The two boys in the blue shirts are my brother's kids, the boys in the tuxedos & the teenage girl in the back with her hair pulled back are my SISTER's kids & my 3 children are the baby, boy being held in the back and girl in the white dress! What a proud Nanny!

My brother getting pinned. I tried for 20 mins to pin this on & failed, so I passed it onto the next passerby!

The happy couple. My sister and her DH!!

Hopefully after I recover from laundry, cleaning & catching up on sleep, I'll be able to sit down and make a card. Withdrawal much!! lol

Take Care.


My family.

DH- Curtis, holding Reade (3 yrs next month), Me (Corry) holding Merik (5 months) & Hannah (9 yrs).


Suzi said...

Wonderful photo's of the family Corry, your Daughter did look like a princess, a beautiful girl just like Mom. Handsome boys too including your DH. Your Mom looked so proud sitting there with all the Grandchildren. The Bride looked stunning too. I loved the colour of your nail polish, very chic my dear. Sound like you all had a wonderful time.
Suzi xx

Lori said...

Gorgeous pictures, you all look smashing. Didn't know Hannah had 3 kids, wow, she must have started real young....lmao! On a serious note though you all really do look fantastic!

Margreet said...

Wow Corry, enjoyed looking at the pictures...I think your daughter looked so beautiful....can imagine you got tears in your eyes when seeing her this way.....keep the boys away!!!!
Do you know you won a challenge this weekend..sorry I forgot which one...
xxx Margreet

Trisha said...

Awesome pictures Corry-Thanks for sharing! You all looked smashing! Love the nail polish too! Hannah looked very elegant and grown-up! beauts! xoxo

Kelly said...

I had to laugh and read it twice as well, although Hannah is growing quickly putting 3 kids up as hers is definitely stretching. LOL. You all look awesome.

Carla aka scrappypug said...

Oh love these pics! Your daughter did look like a princess for sure and you all looked fabulous!

Susie Sugar said...

Hey what great photos and a fantastic family you have Corry , your kids are real lookers ...your darling daughter has a smile thats gonna melt some hearts in years to come
Hugs Susie xx

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