Saturday, October 15, 2011

Please Help Support!

Recently I have posted about a 12 yr old girl, Darrah, who is diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer. If you could take a  moment to read that post I would greatly appreciate it! 


The information below has been copied from The Pink Elephant Blog by LORI BOYD.  

{{I am writing this morning about and for Katie Renz you can meet her HERE on her Card blog and HERE on her Family Blog. Many of you may know that she has a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful little boys, that she is a super Mommy and way talented crafter...she also has Stage 4 Gastric Cancer.Today, her husband wrote an update on her blog. This is so sad, my heart is broken and my thoughts have been consumed with her and her family. I am continuing to pray for Katie's Miracle!!!!! I hope will join me!
I was asked at the start of the year to design a stamp for Katie, I did and ended up getting an email from her telling me how much she loved it. Thank You Katie!  She said it really was her boys. She was so very very sweet and very appreciative!  Sooooo, I wanted to do a HUGE push of this image for her babies!!  I told her we were going to do this and that forever this stamp would be theirs!!  It just so happens that her 2 little guys have a birthday on the 19th of November and her big boy has one on the 1st of December. I would LOVE to bless them with a wonderful birthday and Christmas, so that Kevin and Katie do not have to think of worry about that!!}}}

This is Loris' image of 3 boys & a card she made

This is my card using Loris' image ( I made it & blogged about it some time ago, but am reposting for you all to see what a lovely image it is!)

The below info is also copied off The Pink Elephant Blog:

{{If ANY of you would like to help spread the word on EVERY forum, blog, etc etc you can think of then the proceeds will go to The Renz Family...I and I know they would be so appreciate that we are helping to wrap her boys with our love and care.
I also wanted to ask  everyone to make a card with their image and mail it to Katie (her boys), so if you would like to...the address is below.  This what she wrote on one of my posts about a card I made:

Katie Renz said...Hi Lori,""I absolutely adore this image! It is one of my absolute favorites of all the donated images :) Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I also wanted to let you know that I've received numerous cards with this image and they have all been so cute!""

so I know she would love it!!

P.O. Box 5913

Bellingham, Washington

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for supporting and loving Katie and her Family!   
PLEASE keep Praying for Katie's Miracle!!

Tons of Love and Many Blessings- 


At the Pink Elephant Blog the image is available for purchase as well, there is a donate button for those who simply wish to send a little something to the family! 
Please keep this family in your thoughts! 



Elena said...

Dear, dear, dear... thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, these last weeks has been so hard, so I've time only now for leave some comments on my adorable DT's blogs.
Wow! Your interpretation using Lori's image is fantastic... mostly I love this pale green you used, and thos three boys are super!
Hope to see you again with your lovely words in my blog,


THERESA said...

You really are such a caring person and i am sure they appreciate it a lot, we do too!!!
My card to Hannah is going out next week, so will also be posting one to Katie, will it be ok if i just use another image?? And the last numbers under the address, is that the zip or phone nr, sorry but your addresses differ from ours , so have to make sure...........:((
lotsa luv

Jodene said...

This is a beautiful card! I have just purchased this image too and am off to colour it in now :)

Dora said...

This is so nice of you Corry and your card is gorgeous, love it xxx

Chris_P said...

This cards are just cute and cool!! Love the image!

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