Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What if it happened to someone you knew?

Hello blogger friends. 
I am here today to share a story with you about a 12 yr old girl.
After reading this,  I hope you will take the time to join in the cause. 

Meet Darah. She is a 12 yr daughter to someone I know from 'small town living'. This little girls mom, Dana Hoffman, is actually 5 yrs older than me, but I know her thru my sister and thru the love of the sport of ringette. Dana was always someone I admired & still do, to this day. One of those people you just never forget. Her & her husband's daughter Darah has recently been diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in her leg after fracturing her femur during a track meet. After complications related to her leg arose, she underwent numerous tests to find out what could be the cause of all the troubles. These rare cancer cells are found in the bones & soft tissue and the type of cancer Terry Fox had (osteosarcoma) is a close relation to Darah's cancer. 

The complete story of Darah can be found HERE at the A Day for Darrah website

In short, this family is on the verge of  travelling to a different province for the specialized treatment for her cancer. The orthopedic oncology specialists in British Columbia are the best in the country & where we live in Manitoba, there are no Oncology Specialists nearby. Darah is also being screened to take part in an aggressive treatment therapy........of course, like anything else, this has it's risks & benefits. 
Whatever the case may be, this family is & will continue to be in need of funds for travel, meals, accommodations and other unforeseen costs related to the treatment regimen......

Here's where my solemn request comes in! 

On the A Day for Darrah website you will see a few links you can click on in order to support Darrah & her family thruout this time.

 There are:
-->  bracelets available for purchase (that one of Darrah's team mates has created for this cause), 
-->there is an afternoon of fun planned for Dec. 10 (for $5.00 a piece) ,
--> a social evening planned for the same night (for $10.00 a piece) 
-->a Bud, Spud & Steak Event planned for Oct 20th (for $20.00 a plate) . 
You can see all the details to all these events at the website.
.....at the bottom of the homepage is an address if you would like to send your own monetary donation to the family! 


Now, you thinking, if you live across the world, how the heck can you get to these functions?
Well, if you are willing to just make a donation to any of the above listed events, that is more than enough!! 
Perhaps, you would like to send me (personally) a PAYPAL donation of your desired amount!?
Now I've been advised that because this is not an "official" "recognized" cause... PayPal will not allow me to use the DONATION button, therefore.....I am placing my e-mail address below as this is the info you will need to input, if you so desire to make a donation to this cause thru PayPal .  


I will be collecting any/all donations until December 1, so as to have the money to the family for the December 10 festivities. 

(Also I will be making a card for Darrah & I will put the name of anyone who donates on that card, so Darrah & her family knows that people all over the world are thinking of them)

(( I will also post the card to my blog here for you all to see))


**If anyone wishes to make a special card for Darrah or her family, pls feel free to send it to me (address below) or her family (address on bottom of homepage at the  A Day for Darrah website).....that would be just as great as a monetary donation** 

My Address: 
Corry Smyrski
PO Box 1357
Pine Falls, Manitoba
R0E 1M0

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about this.
And thank you in advance for anything you can offer. 
Love & hugs to all of you & your families!!


Bettina said...

hi sweetie!
oh no! dont know what to say, I just get sooo sad, about to start to cry. Im gonna try make a card and send to you,oke?
Right know i feel so blessed that i have 2 healthy kids, wisch they where at home so i could give them a big hug and tell them how much i adore them.

THERESA said...

Always sad to read about this, my heart goes out to Darrah and family.
Thanks for doing this, i may not be able to contribute , but will def be sending her a card to your address!!!
lotsa luv

Dora said...

This is so nice of you to be posting this Corry.. these stories are always so sad to hear about.. I always just don't know what to say

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