Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update on my Koda girl & specialized stamps

Thanks so much for all your thoughts, well wishes, prayers & stories you shared . I agree that a 'fur baby' is another child in the family! So much so, that when hubby & I were contemplating taking her to the vet in the first place (due to cost alone), he quickly pointed out "what if one of the kids needed it & it cost over $200.00, wouldn't you do it?" 
So when I got home from the vet, $350.00 poorer, but rich with the fact that our puppy was still with us, and placed Koda on the ground with her legs folding behind her, my hubby was instantly sick to his stomach. After watching Koda struggle to get around & become incontinent all over herself he was quick to say that "she can't live like this, we may have to put her down". 
I chimed in. 
"So Reade (our 4 yr old son) has a back injury & is paralysed from the waist down......then we should probly put him 'down' too?" 
What's good for the goose is good for the gander, hey honey! 
People live with paralysis everyday. I see it, as a nurse in our local hospital. Paralysed individuals leading normal lives. It happens, & it happens with animals too. I have remained in that frame of mind since this has all happened. Until things get worse for wear, Koda will stay with us. End of discussion. 
I have to help her with her bowel movements which are alot easier for her since we changed her dog food to soft stuff. We have been doing ++ laundry from her incontinence, but that comes with the territory. And last night, hubby said Koda cried until the wee hours of the morning......why? Because we have her in a laundry bin  with blankets in it, on the floor of our room. NORMALLY, she sleeps with us in our hubby brought the laundry basket onto the bed and Koda was happy as a clam. 
I switched her bed for tonight, to a small basket my daughter had for one of her dolly's. 
Life can resume as normal, see! 


Soooooooooooo, hubby brings Koda to the specialist today. She underwent acupuncture treatment, canine rehab thereapy....and numerous other things. They sent home 'homework' for us to do with Koda on a daily basis. She has another appointment on Wednesday at noon. The good news from the Vet is that she gives Koda a 75-80% chance to walk again! 


Hubby said he almost cried when the vet showed him how Koda was able to hold herself up with her back legs. OMG!! The vet also said, Koda has feeling 3/4 down her spine, which is another good sign. Apparently disc injuries are common in shih-tzus too. 

The vet shared a story with my hubby about a couple & their pet shih-tzu that were in the US, on vacation, when their pet suddenly became paralysed in the back end. They took the dog to the vet, underwent numerous diagnostic tests and $3000.00 later, were told their dog would never walk again. The vet told them to put their dog to sleep. The couple came back to Canada and after researching things, finally went to see this VET  Specialist (that my Koda is currently going to) 4 weeks later. She restored the dog to good health and the dog is walking again! 

Miracles do happen. 
Never stop believing. 

I will keep you posted on Koda's progress.


Almost forgot to tell you about a couple specialized stamps I have seen around blogland. 

First off, at the new Maggie lovers Challenge blog, Bron is giving away a stamp made specially for her store by Pauline.  Want to see it.......ok, here' s a sneak.....then you have to pop over to see the whole thing and maybe even become a follower as I have! 

Also, Pauline has created a One -of-A- kind Tilda for the Creashop Duymelot after hearing that Astrid (owner of Creashop) has been diagnosed with cancer. {{2 euro dollars from each purchase is going to the Pink Ribbon Campaign}}


Linda said...

Wow what good news for Koda. Keeping my fingers crossed that the news will get better and better!!!!!!! I believe in miracles!!!!!!

sara said...

Yes, I keep my fingers crossed too!!! That´s good news that she has 80% chance of recovering! I Hope everything will be ok!

Claire said...

Great news Corry, so glad to hear that Koda's treatment has started and we're keeping our fingers and paws crossed she makes a full and speedy recovery
hugs to you all
Claire xx

sara said...

so glad to hear things are looking brighter fingers crossed for even better news soon take care
hugs sara x x x

Lau W said...

OMG i hope you will give us good news soon again ! I want to believe on this miracle !
Hugs for all the family !

Dora said...

Hey that is great news Corry about Koda yay, so glad to hear. .. really hope that everything will be ok with her and you are such a good mummy to her, bless you. Hugs xxx

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Cor, thats good news about Koda huni. I have everything crossed for her. Hope the treatment works very soon.


Donna x

Kim Kelley said...

Great news...will continue to pray that she recovers completely.

Margreet said...

So glad to read the good news about Koda....keep thinking of you all!
xxx Margreet

Kelly Schelske said...

So glad to hear the good news about Koda, thinking of you guys!

Tanya said...

so happy that you have found someone who understands and can give her the therapy she needs. Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. hugs~ Tanya

Aunty Sue said...

So pleased that the news sounds good and will keep my fingers crossed and guess your dog is lucky to have you. xxx

coops said...

so pleased that the news for koda is looking good hun.i will have everything crossed for you sweet furbaby.

coops xx

Sandra said...

How lovely of you to keep up updated:) Sandra H


Oh! Will be hoping that Koda comes out of it completely, not impossible! Hugs! Leah Ann

Craftdee said...

Same as everyone else, Cor* I'm hoping Koda gets back to full health...but even if she doesn't I think she's lucky "her people" feel as you do about her, I'm sure she knows it (they CAN sense it you know) Thanks for keeping us (my hubby is "aaw-ing" in the background as I tell him Koda's story) posted, Dee

Vintage Milly said...

Hi sweetie, awe it was lovely to hear from you, we seem to have trodden different paths recently don't we. I am so sorry to read about your pup, it is heart breaking when a very much loved pet has difficulties, so I am sending lots of love and wishes for a swift recovery accross the miles.
Keep in touch,
big hugs,

Regan said...

Oh, Corry, honey, I'm so sorry to hear about your pup! I read the other post first and was so happy to read this one which is full of hope! I am thinking healing thoughts for your furbaby and sending big hugs to you & your family!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

WOW! This vet sounds like a miracle worker! Such a great opportunity to have that sort of vet in your area and sounds like a very high chance of Koda being able to walk again! Wonderful news and I hope things go as planned! Hugs!

Kimberly said...

Oh our prayers are with the little one. Hoping all will work out. take care

Tracey Brossart said...

Oh Cor, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor little dog. I'm glad I read this post after reading the other one first. That's good to hear that he has some hope! Big hugs to you guys and stay strong!

xx Tracey xx

Dotty Jo said...

Sending positive thoughts your way Corry, Jo x

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