Thursday, October 21, 2010


Now that I've got your attention, your just gonna have to read my ramblings before I tell you where you have 5 chances to win some FAB candy!!


I was inspired by a fellow blogger I ran across the other day when I was nosying around....Her name is Rach & she is an extremely talented woman who probly needs no introduction at all to most of you. If you get a chance, pls pop over to her blog & have a nosey around will love it there!!

Also another fab friend/fellow blogger/cyberboss & inspiration I have to give credit to is Mrs. Susie Sugar for showing me around her craft haven!

So today I have decided to show you my little piece of heaven!
Since I don't have a little crafty room to call my own, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into 'where my magic happens'!! Right here at our dining room table!

PIC #1-

when you first enter our dining room this is what you see. My hubbys white cabinet to the left of the window for all his work stuffs and my cabinet is to the right of the window!

PICS #2 & #3-

Picture on top  is a little island where I take pictures of my cards and picture underneath that is the desk, yup, in our dining room again where hubby keeps his business stuffs and I keep the printer & sewing machine! See it underneath there!?! I pull it out when I need to use it.


PIC #4-

This pic is what I have done over the past week & a half. Some of the creations you may have seen, others will be featured on my blog in the upcoming days/weeks. (2 will be posted on my blog tomorrow)

PIC #5-

This is my newly arrived package of materials that I got for winning a gift cert. from Stamping Vacation blog for bringing in the most followers!! Thanks Denise. &  thanks to all of you who became followers & mentioined my name in the process!!  
Confession to make: not ALL of this was from the gift cert......I did spend a little of my own money............ok maybe a lot of my own money!! Ok maybe alot of HUBBY"S money!! lol
I am dying to jump into these papers!!!

PICS #6 &#7

Picture on the top is my embelisshment holder, that hubby so nicely mounted on the wall for me. See my rubbermaid container of stamps off the right there?!?! I have to find a place to hide those!!
The Picture underneath that is my little white cabinet opened up.
I call it "BEING FREE".  (Hence my blog name of Free-4-Ever) lol
And the picture below that is to show you how close the door is to my embellishment container when it is open!!

PICS #8 & #9

This is a stand I have set up underneath the window. As you can see it hold numerous things. Punches, ink pads, paper, nic naks OOOO and yup there you can see a WOC box chalk full of flowers!!!
I got that in the mail yesterday!!
{{I love you honey! Mwah!! heehee}}


At our new 'alter ego' blog  STEEL MAGNOLIA'S there are 5 chances to win!! Maybe more chances for you if you display our blinkie!!

The Steel Magnolias blog represents the friendships of 5 bloggers who share a love for Magnolia stamps. It also coninsides with the move "Steel Magnolias" where 5 good friends share in love, laughter, tears, and hopes for the future......each of us blogger buddies has chosen a person to be from the movie characters, that is why you will see us calling each other by other names. I am Wheeza (from the movie). Susie is Clairee. Lori is M'Lynn, Trisha is Annelle. And Roberta is Truvy.
If you get a chance to watch the movie I highly recommend it!! It is a classic!!

Head on over to check it out! This picture is my offering to one fine winna!!!

That's all for today folks. I will have two posts tomorrow & will be participating in a blog hop on Saturday! Hope to see you then!!


♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Hi Corry x i love snooping into other peoples craft areas/rooms, yours is brilliant x loved it x thank you so much for sharing x Leigh x

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

ooohhh sorry forgot to say x what would we do without handy hubbys eh! Leigh x

Larisa said...

Corry, you have so much for good works to be done!!! I am envious a lo! I wis I had at least 1/100 of that..
May be I can be luckey to win your candy? Then I am happy ))) Thanks for the chance! )))
hugs. Larisa. xx

Susie Sugar said...

GGGGGGGGGGGGGG'S Corry you got stacks of stuff and a lovely dinning room table too, thats something I don'tt have anymore since I ruined it crafting on it and in the end it was so scratch up that Garry threw it out and we won't buy another until we move to our new house next spring (which I'm very excited about we went to see it today although they have only just started to build it, so its just a foundation and outer walls of about 6 foot high at the moment)
Thanks for sharing your crafty space with us, its nice to know where you make your works of art, and I'll be round for a cuppa and a rummage in your stash later ....I wish
Hugs Susie xx

Lori said...

Wowzers Cor! I remember back in the old days when you were just starting and had only ONE Maggie - LOL!!! I was stalking you on Jacquie's blog and had to pop over... It's been forever my long lost buddy. But never fear, you are always in my heart! Love you!!!!!!!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

WOW! That is alot of craft the new goodies!!

Merry said...

That was a fun trip around your craft the wall storage cabinet. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Message Keeper said...

Nice crafting room you have here! So many tools and space to put things around! Not to mention your own crafting space/room!

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